Welcome to The Whole Family’s Food. My sister and I created this blog in order to share simple, whole food recipes with family and friends, along with other traditional recipes that continue to bring our family together year after year. Growing up in the South, ‘good food’ has been an ingrained part of our life experience. For example, you could count on “Sunday Dinner” (a.k.a. lunch) consisting of a rump roast, (cooked in our Great grandmother’s metal pot) rice and gravy, beans, squash, cheese soufflé, and don’t forget the strawberry shortcake for dessert. The same goes for any holiday, birthday, or if you just happen to be coming home for a visit. 
We have since moved around a bit, broadened and refined our taste buds, and become more aware of the nutritional value of what we were eating, and the benefits of whole, healthy foods- however, still enjoying food and inspiration from our roots. We will still include butter and whipped cream for some recipes on an occasion, so don’t panic. This blog will continuously serve as a way to share traditions and transformations, while giving us an excuse to be together, laugh, enjoy each other and of course-eat! 
We trust you will enjoy and share our recipes with your family and friends, and by adding them to your spread, they will create a tasty and healthy experience for you to serve. We hope you enjoy it.

I have always loved to travel. I could hardly wait to move away from home and explore other places and ways of doing things in this world. Growing up on our small family farm in South Georgia with my parents, brother, and sister, has given me deep roots for strong family values, connection with the land, farming, and food. My first formal study of holistic health and whole foods nutrition began in northern California in 1996 and lasted four years. I then enrolled in a two year program in Devon, England. During this time I tasted and prepared a variety of dishes that were quite new to me. From that experience, I began to modify some of my familiar comfort foods in order to cultivate a healthier, more favorable eating experience.

I am currently living in Northern California, but still hold strongly to my Southern roots. I am so glad to be sharing in this food experience with my sister and all of you!

After graduating with a photography degree from the University of Georgia, I ventured out west with a college roommate and got bitten by the ski-bug. Moving seasonally between Utah, Georgia, Colorado, and Georgia (and repeat that about 3 more times), for the past several years I have been a wedding and family photographer, settling for now in Denver, CO. Food itself has always provided comfort for me; whether I am just a little homesick, or reminiscing about family, childhood, and the comfort of the South. For me, a set table, a good meal, and a cocktail still prove to be the best way to stay connected with family and old friends, as well as a good way for making new ones along the way.

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Welcome to The Whole Family’s Food. My sister and I created this blog in order to share simple, whole food recipes with family and friends, along […]

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