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Asparagus Morning Scramble

It has been brisk and windy the past several days in Denver, which always makes me want to sit around in my pj’s all day. On days like this I always crave something warm and hearty and I need something to get me up and going! A scrabble of any sort always seems to do the trick, and they are so delicious and easy. I usually go through my frig tossing in whatever vegetables that I can find. This ‘scrambulation’ is one of my favorites if you love asparagus as I do.

Roll out of bed, slide on your slippers, but stay in your pj’s, and toss in whatever veggies you deem worthy. Enjoy this hearty breakfast, or if breakfast fades into brunch……

Asparagus Morning Scramble

Preptime: 5min./Cooktime:10min/ Serves:3-4

5-6 eggs
1/2c. milk
3-4 Tbsp. olive oil
3 garlic cloves
parmesan cheese (optional)
hot sauce (optional)
First, wash and cut your asparagus in half, also cutting off and discarding the tough ends. Next, mince your garlic and add to a sauce pan with a little olive oil. Sauté garlic on medium heat for 1-2min, then add asparagus and remaining olive oil and sauté for about 3min. I like for my asparagus to be firm, but you may cook a little longer if you like.


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