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Sesame Salt Substitute Recipe Gomasio

Gomasio is a mixture of toasted, unhulled sesame seeds and salt. It is a delicious addition that enhances most any food! It is delightful to sprinkle over the top of cooked broccolli, kale, carrots and other favorite veggies. Sesame salt makes an excellent rub for beef, tuna and lamb. I prefer adding it to rice rather than straight salt for a slightly rich nutty flavor.

Gomasio is available for purchase in most grocery stores, however, I suggest making your own. It takes a very short time to prepare (given you use a grinder), and it will be fresher and less expensive than what is available in the store. I usually prepare gomasio a couple of times a week and keep it in an airtight container by the stove to ensure it is available to use at every whelm!

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